Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tying the Gartside Gurgler

The Gartside Gurgler(Or my favorite version)

The Gartside Gurgler by Jack Gartside, is a timeless pattern that is copied among warm-water enthusiasts more than any other foam pattern that I have come across. Not to mention , it will catch fish in most any situation as well. The foam shell-back of the Gurgler along with it's folded large-profile head make it a truly indestructible and productive fly. It was also the inspiration for my Tri-visible Gurgler, which inspired my X-Gurgler. Great patterns have a way of producing other great patterns.

While this specific pattern is not the listed original pattern tied by Mr. Gartside, it is my favorite and most productive version of his pattern.


Hook:  #4 Gamakatsu Stinger
Thread:  6/0 Black
Tail:  Olive Bucktail
Legs: Dark Barred-Ginger Hackle Tips
Legs:  Olive-black Centipede Legs
Body:  Sculpin Brown Wooly-Bugger Chenille
Foam:  Thin Black Razor Foam