Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tying the No Name Midge

No Name Midge

This midge pattern has been in my box for a good 6-8yrs now, and for good works.  Its a very easy pattern to tie with only 3 materials. Aside from your hook, bead & thread, a pinch of dubbing and a single Furnace hackle will tie a dozen or more.  The NNM is a comfort fly for me in the winter. Suspended only 18" below a big dry or indicator when winter fish are midging but won't take, is it's niche for me. Yet fished as a trail fly with weight and dead drifted is productive as well. It fishes year-round very effectively.....but for me, it's a winter pattern.

No Name Midge Recipe

Hook:  #16 Orvis Tactical Wide-Gape
Bead:  Gold Tungsten
Thread:  8/0 Olive Dun Uni 
Tail:  Furnace Hen Hackle fibers
Thorax:  Olive Ice-dub

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