Monday, April 13, 2020

Tying Through Isolation

Tying Through Isolation

Trout Season has begun, but thanks to Covid and the Peoples Republic of New Jersey even the parks, lakes and streams are closed.  Spring has arrived, the birds are back along with mild weather, and I'm not allowed out without a mask and gloves. better time than now to spend some time at the Regal.  The task at hand...restocking needy patterns and tying up a few variations of some long time patterns I have been wanting to try out.

Starting with a new version of the Biot & Ice larva.  

Hook:  #14 Caddis Emerger
Thread:  170 Black Danville
Abdomen:  Natural Hares Ear
Rib:  Fine Gold Wire
Shellback:  Rust-Brown Biot
Thorax:  Peacock Ice Dub
Bead: Gold

 Next the Little Black Tac.  A smaller darker variation of the TC2 nymph.

Hook:  #16 Caddis Emerger
Thread:  Black 170 Danville
Rib:  Fine Gold Wire
Abdomen:   Pale Olive Hareline
Wingcase:  Rust-Brown Biot
Thorax:  Olive Ice-Dub
Hackle:  Furnace Hen Palmered through thorax
Head:  Touch of Black Ice-Dub behind a black bead

And last but not least, The REC.  The only variation being a black collar of Ice-Dub instead of Olive.

Hook:  #14 Caddis Emerger
Thread:  Black 170 Danville
Abdomen:  Creamy Olive Hareline
Rib:  Olive Micro-body glass
Wing:  Barred Wood Duck
Hackle: Wood-Duck CDC
Head:  Black Ice-Dub behind a gold bead

No huge changes. Just a few variations I wished I had through the last season a time or two.  

Tied with the hopes that soon I can actually step into water. Not sure who came to the conclusion that fly fishing wasn't socially distant enough?

Hope all are well and see you on the water soon.