Saturday, May 23, 2020

Spring Colors


With restrictions lifting and holiday weekend weather cooperating,  I was finally able to put the float-tube on the water.  The bulls are beginning to host the beds, but the best is still yet to come.  

The fish are beginning to color up.  I give things 2 more weeks and the colors will be at their peak.

The larger bulls were able to be teased up with a smaller offering like the X-Gurgler, but not yet willing to chase a Wog, hair bug or even a Foam Butt Caddis. The white legged gurgler was the fly of the day.

Tying the X-Gurgler

The day gave up a dozen or so Bulls, with a handful of smaller fish thrown in,  and three decent bass all of which were tight to the bank in structure.  

It felt good to step into the fins and kick through some lily pads. 


  1. Ralph, it is a wonder that you and I were doing the same thing yesterday. I sent this email to a couple of fishing buddies-

    I hope I never out grow my love of catching bluegills and bass.

    Just got off a farm pond that I have permission to fish that is absolutely loaded with big bluegills. I am talking pounders. these fish are 8 to 12 inches long and as fat as your hand. They are just too much fun on an ultralight flyrod. the gills are just getting on the beds and will wear out a #8 popper or foam bug.
    the pond also has tons of bass but they are stunted. most are 12/13 inch fish and painfully thin. they are fun but cant hold a candle to a similar size gill.

    so when you just feel like catching something, grab a 2, 3 or 4 weight flyrod and a bunch of poppers and have some fun, it is all visual fishing which is the best part.

    what size hook do you tie the little gurgler on? may have to put in an order. welcome back and be safe.

    1. John, I agree. No matter how long I do this, bluegills on a fly is just flat out fun. especially when they start getting thick. When the bulls are porpoising hard on top, I am there. I tie the "X" on a size #8 Gama Stinger now. It helps when the bass get on it first. Sure was nice to hit the water again. Hope the season treats you well.

    2. I was fishing a Fat Albert which looks a lot like your gurgler x. the gills love those foam bugs for sure. Happy you made it through the virus so far.

  2. Ralph
    Thanks for giving some love to my 2nd favorite fish after the trout of course! Hope you're staying safe and I can see enjoying the upcoming spawn. Thanks for sharing

  3. Bill, thanks for stopping by! Hope all is well for you too Sir. I am looking forward to the spawn. :)

  4. Ralph,
    the Wog in green put a hurt on the bass this morn. An incredibly excellent popper/fly .thanks

  5. Great news! Plan to give them a workout in the AM myself. :)