Friday, January 10, 2020


January Pickerel

1st Warmwater fish of 2020

A mild two days on the calendar seemed like a great time to chase the resident geese off the local pond and see if anything was willing to take a fly.

It took a little prospecting, but eventually the marriage was made between pickerel and the Guinness Trout streamer.  

Tying the Guinness Trout

The CGR 7/8 rang in the New Year well

Rig was Orvis Warmwater WF7F, a 6-7wt Furlgirl 5' Mono furled leader and 6lb Stren Flourocast tippett.

Hammer-handles were taking the fly retrieved slow on the decent/pause....but very slight. The afternoon brought 1/2 dozen fish to hand, with 1 big fish pushing 20" breaking me off when landing.

1st warmwater fish of the year goes to the Pickerel

See you on the water!

Monday, January 6, 2020

1st Fish 2020!

1st Fish!

Ringing in the new year

With a mild break in the weather and a few days off, it was nice to get back on the water and put a little bend in some glass.

Netting the jewel of the day

A smoky Palomino in darkened winter colors

Hopes of a great New Year to all, both on the water and at the bench.