Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Almond Heart Wet

The Almond Heart Wet

The Almond Heart Wet Fly got it's name after the Ringneck feather used for the hackle. A unique heart-shaped, copper colored feather with a stiff, glossy fiber similar in texture to Golden Tippet. These attributes lend a very effective look and movement in the water. The Almond Heart Wet remains in my box year after year.

Almond Heart Wet Recipe

Hook:  #12 Caddis Emerger
Thread: Brown Uni-thread
Body:  Moose Body Hair / Bug Bond
Collar:  Dun CDC Puff
Hackle:  Almond Heart Ringneck Pheasant Feather
Head:  Brown Haretron

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Damsel in Distress

The Damsel in Distress

The Damsel in Distress is an Attractor/Damsel pattern. I most often fish this pattern on a 10" dropper behind a hair popper. It also fishes well on a short leader with a floating line, twitch-retrieved with a "twitch-twitch- three count pause" and repeat.

Damsel in Distress Recipe

Hook:  #4-6 Gamakatsu Drop-shot
Thread:  6/0 Black Uni-thread
Loop:  Olive/Blue Super Hair
Rib:  Lt Brown Orvis Body Glass
Abdomen: Olive Ice-dub
Thorax: Peacock Ice-dub
Legs: Olive Centipede Legs
Wingcase: Black Thinskin / Bug-Bond

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

CDC March Brown

The CDC March Brown

This version of the CDC March Brown has become my first choice when selecting a Dun pattern over the March Brown hatch. It's very durable, floats well and brings the fish to the surface. 

CDC March Brown Recipe

Hook:  #12-14 Standard Dry
Thread:  8/0 Brown Uni-thread
Rib:  Yellow Flat-waxed
Abdomen:  Olive Brown Orvis Spectrablend
Hackle:  Dark Barred Ginger / Cree
Wing: Wood Duck dyed CDC

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Pearl Midge

The Pearl Midge 

The Pearl Midge is the midge pattern that carries my box. Consistent year-round, it is the pattern the rest of my midge box is judged by.

Pearl Midge Recipe

Hook:  #20-24 Emerger 
Thread:  White 8/0 Uni-thread
Rib:  Fine Silver Wire
Abdomen:  Tying Thread (Bug Bond)
Wing-case:  Pearl Flashabou
Hackle:  Peacock Herl

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Brown LTD

March Brown LTD

The March Brown LTD is the largest pattern I tie in the LTD family. It is my first pick when I see them on the water, and one of my favorite search patterns throughout the spring whether the hatch is present or not. 

March Brown LTD Recipe 

Hook:  #14 Standard Dry
Thread:  8/0 Brown Uni-thread
Tail & Abdomen:  Pheasant Tail Fibers
Wing:  Dun CDC
Hackle:  Dark Barred Ginger or Cree
Thorax:  Tan Orvis Spectrablend

A Bit More Glass, "Continued"....

The Final Rig

After the lawn casting decision made on initial testing, I was able to take advantage of a bit of open still-water to give the new rod a try loading on a surface other than grass and snow. Here is what I found, and the decision made on the Cabelas CGR 7' 4/5wt.  My needs with the little rod were as such:

I wanted to be able to toss a small indicator and #14-down Bead-head rig if need-be. I wanted to also be able to throw a #10-12 Dry Stimmie, Humpy, Caddis.....etc with confidence in order to still make it work if there was a noticeable breeze.

While the Mastery Headstart WF4 configuration did cast extremely well on the lawn. An addition to the test put all the competition to rest. 

With loading on the water and a slight 6-8 mph wind present, the Cortland 555 DT5 stole the show. It was able to straighten out a 5 1/2' furled thread leader and 6' 5x fluorocarbon tippet into the slight breeze with ease. Along with a #10 Great White Humpy.  It was also able to roll=cast a #16 Bead-head nymph with a 1/2" Thing-a-ma-bobber with no issues as well. Will it be my go-to wind or big water rod? No. But it was able to do what I asked it to do at a reasonable limit of expectation with ease. 

The result....the 555 DT5 line is now on a Cortland Retro II reel and the above rig will be in my hand as soon as the weather breaks.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tying the Chip

The Chip

The Chip is a basic micro-bugger that is tied with no other pretense but to catch fish. Primarily a warm-water pattern in my box, it has also accounted for more trout than it should have. My box always has a few in it regardless of the water I am fishing, and it has saved my day in some of the most unlikely places. 

The Chip Recipe

Hook: #12 Standard Nymph
Thread:  6/0 Black Uni-thread
Bead:  Gold-lined Glass Craft bead
Tail: Black marabou / Pearl Flashabou
Body:  Small Orvis Black Bugger Chenille

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tying the Trico Spinner

Trico Spinner

This version of the Trico Spinner has been a mainstay of my box for more seasons than I can recall. It ties easy and fishes even easier.

Trico Spinner Recipe

Hook:  #18-22 Standard Dry
Thread:  Rusty-Dun Uni-Thread
Tail: Medium Pardo CDL
Abdomen: Tying Thread
Thorax:  Black Poly
Hackle:  Silver Badger

Friday, March 6, 2015

Tying the 3M Midge

The 3M Midge

The 3M is one of my go-to spring midge patterns. When early spring water begins to drop and the mid-days warm, this midge pattern excels.

3M Recipe

Hook:  #18-22 Caddis Emerger
Thread:  Black
Abdomen:  Tying Thread
Rib: Fine Silver Wire
Hackle:  Grey Mallard tips
Thorax:  Small Gold Holographic Tinsel

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The M&M Sakasa Kebari Style

M&M Tenkara

As an addition to our Tenkara Project, we decided to look for a pattern in the box that would lend itself well to the Tenkara style of tying. I chose the M&M, because of the wide range of success it enjoys. With a few tweaks to adapt the materials, and a glint of individual style, the M&M Ten came about. Hopefully, the spring will give us a chance to test it on some water. until then, enjoy the pattern, and if you get a chance to fish it before us, please post a report. 

M&M Ten Recipe

Hook:  #14 Caddis Emerger
Thread:  6/0 Black Uni-thread
Abdomen:  Moose Body Hair under Bug-Bond
Hackle:  Furnace Hen Hackle
Head:  Tying thread under Bug Bond

Tuesday, March 3, 2015



The egg pattern is nothing new to the world of fly fishing. However, since the introduction of the material McFLYFOAM, the egg has been simplified to an entirely new level. This is the variation of the single egg that I find personally to be the most productive in my home waters. It is tied to match the white sucker roe.

The McFLYFOAM Egg Recipe

Hook: Standard Scud or emerger (sized Gape-width to the desired egg size)
Thread:  UTC 70 Ultra-thread Flo Orange
Egg:  Apricot / Steelhead Orange McFLYFOAM