Wednesday, May 3, 2023

April Went Out Kicking!


April showers did their best to remind us that nature is still in charge.  It went out kicking and in turn scrubbed the winters debris from the stream

By Sunday evening water levels were threatening and still climbing

After a few nervous checks on the water through the night, Monday morning showed a creek that was dropping. But it wasn't done doing its work yet.

20" diameter tree 150' tall

While looking over the mornings destruction, a tree came down off the bank about 100 yds upstream.  It was swept immediately downstream like it was nothing more than a sapling. 


Tuesday morning things were looking a little better and we were able to get an idea of what all had been reshaped.

Wednesday morning we are almost back to normal.  Looks like no real negative changes, with some depth added to the run.  I'll take it.

Hope everybody rode the storm out safely.

See you on the water.


  1. Ralph
    Amazing how destructive a raging creek or river can be. Do you live on the banks of this river? I saw a swing and thought someone was living close by. Share an image of the river when it is at an average level. Thanks for sharing

  2. Bill, that's my swing. The house is 30' from those rocks. The previous post "claret & Ginger" is the same view upstream in the 1st pic. :)