Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dawn on the Pond

Dawn on the Pond

With the day expected to be in the mid-90's by noon, I figured first few rays of light would be the only bearable time to be on the water.  The day greeted me with a handful of bass on top.

The Wog was the fly of the day. They ignored the FBC and any bassbugs I threw at them. They would rise, and sink back down. 

Off the water by 8:30, already wet through.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lightning in a Tube

A Warrior

This single fly survived a 3 hour non-stop assault by hungry bluegills.  

Had to get a pic....colors were really cool. They were hungry as the storm approached.

A 3 hour race to dark as storms rolled in. Just as I had released a fish, static shot across the water  that actually caused the nylon on the float tube to make a crinkling noise and the hair on my forearms stood up. Then seconds later a wind picked up and a low rumble rolled. Taking my queue from mother nature, I turned my fins toward the truck. The lightning arrived as I was knee-deep at the launch and gathering my gear.  But not before the night offered up 20-plus gills and a handful of 1/2lb bass.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Bass, Gills and Jersey Heat

Bass, Gills and Jersey Heat

In the water at 07:00 and out by 09:30 at 90 degrees 

The water as the heat came marching in

6-or-7 bass on the morning

The 2 best bulls on the morning took a liking to the Wog. 

About a dozen Gills in all, with a mix of Wogs and FBC's doing all the heavy lifting

Keep Kicking My Friends