Sunday, March 26, 2017



Left-to-right Colors Numbered 1-through 6

The RFB History

Having fished with a standard “around the neck” lanyard for many years, I began to realize that it had become a cumbersome part of my fly fishing gear since leaving the vest and going to a chest/hip pack for most of my fishing. Adding a shoulder strap from my bag over waders, then layering a lanyard over that was becoming too much. Also, it wasn’t comfortable for me when fishing from a float tube. However, there really was no option out there that suited me. As a result, I continued on with a standard lanyard.

Then several years ago I developed Parkinsons disease and the situation became even more cumbersome due to shoulder and neck muscle involvement. Out of necessity I began looking at a design of my own. And after several prototypes over the past few seasons and with the acknowledgment of friends who had interest in another form of lanyard as well, I settled on a final design.

The result is the "RFB Lanyard".

  1. t clips comfortably to any wader, pack, belt loop, vest or float tube with ease.
  2. The top holds 3-4 tippet spools along with 3 additional clips to hold accouterments.
  3. It is hand knotted with stainless hardware, which along with the fact that it gets tighter with use, makes it extremely durable.
  4. It comes with an additional Floatant Carrier. A simple but effective method that does not slip and requires no adjustment for standard sized floatant bottles. It is removable.

Example:  Lanyard comes without added accessories shown.

Clip it on wherever works the best for you

Floatant Carrier

How to Order

Identify the color desired (1-thru-6) from the picture below, then send payment via Paypal to:

$20 Shipping & Handling Included

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Rig For All Seasons

A Rig For All Seasons

When it comes to gear, I am resistant to change, and can be admittedly stubborn to a fault. A fact that I acknowledge and the reason why I am so picky about my methods and gear. I want to identify something that works to a point that I feel leaves only my own performance to blame should I fail to either accurately place my fly in front of the fish, or get a hooked fish to the net.  I was in need of a setup that would require little change between water conditions and switch easily from nymph to dry without rebuilding. It also needed to be both accommodating to the casting stroke of glass and adaptable to multiple line weights.  Yet most importantly, it needed to be able to protect light tippets, with short glass rods on 20"and larger fish.

Here is my solution.

I begin with furled leaders. I have found they are great shock absorbers, fish both wet and dry perfectly and last an entire season barring a catastrophic incident. I use two versions, both made by "Furl Girl". 

The first is my all-around leader, a Uni-thread built 5' leader with a tippet ring. I use them in 3/4wt and 5/7

My second is a 6' mono-thread leader with a micro-swivel in 5/7wt. I use it for winter fishing and heavy nymphing.

Aside from their durability and shock absorbing properties, They cast virtually any size tippet that is even remotely close at anywhere from 4'-8' in length. Fly size within reason. Also, they work perfectly with Thing-A-Ma-Bobbers, which are prone to slide on mono tapered leaders, but stay relatively in place on furled leaders.  Why use an indicator? Well....they are effective. 

So how do I rig? 

To begin with, I never need to go above 5X fluorocarbon unless throwing very large streamers, and never lighter than 6X. Due to the properties of the furled leaders & Fluorocarbon with glass.

Using  a handshake knot leader to fly line, everything else is an improved clinch knot.  I try to keep my base tippet when nymphing at "depth of the water" plus 24" for a single fly rig. Or depth of the water plus and 18-24" dropper for tandem rigs. My indicator is above the tippet ring or swivel. I avoid additional weight as much as possible by using an over-weighted anchor fly tied with full-shank wire wrap and a tungsten bead when required. 

Typical tandems with anchor fly on the left.

The rig. 
All tippet is 5x flouro unless the situation calls for midges & 6x, or on the rare occasion a huge streamer requiring 3x.

Need to go dry?  Remove the indicator and extend a 5x tippet to 6'.

Does it work as hoped?

I never doubt how much pressure I can put on a fish.  Between the glass and rig I trust that the rig will not fail. That says a lot when using a single action palming reel. 

All of the above fish were landed with 5X tippet. None of them were played to exhaustion. 

This rig is not new & is fairly common. My intent is to show you a rig that is forgiving. One that is adaptable to most water, while being capable of landing large fish without fishing "large".

Hope it adds to your time on the water.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Mothers Day Benton Caddis

Mothers Day Caddis

Tied "Benton" Style

This pattern is a Mothers Day Caddis version of my Benton Caddis. Tied in the same manner as the original, using the materials to match the local hatch. It is also an excellent darker Caddis search pattern on skinny water.

MDC Benton Caddis

Hook:  #12 Orvis Tactical Wide Gape
Thread:  8/0 Olive-dun Uni-thread
Abdomen:  Olive CDC
Thorax:  #14 Speckled Badger Neck
Wing:  Dun Elk

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Where Memories and Water Collide

Where Memories 


Water Collide

An 18" rainbow on Tenkara
Fishing Creek, PA

Bluefish for the frying pan


Surf Fishing is a family event

My oldest

My Sister with more Bluefish for the pan

Trace with a bit larger Blue

Jake's 1st Trout
Pine Creek, PA

1st Steelhead
Satsop River, Olympic Peninsula, WA

Old Guys Fishing
Brigantine, NJ

More Old Guys
Mossy Creek Outfitters, VA

Brothers with Bass

The Beginnings


Yakima River 

Upper Lewis River

Valley Creek
Valley Forge, PA

Nisqually River

Manatawny Creek

Black River

Huntingdon Creek

Letort Spring Creek

Little Lehigh

Chris on the Tully
Tulpehocken Creek, PA

Rocky Ford Spring Creek, WA

Falling Spirngs

Little Naches River

Yellow Breeches

Benner Springs, PA

Cape May Stripers

Chambers Lake

Glenloch Lake

Fading Angler 
Fishing Creek, PA

My Favorite Fishing Buddy


My favorite run


See you on the water