Monday, June 29, 2020

Summer Bulls

Summer Bulls

We all come to a point throughout our piscatorial pursuits where we begin to define favorites.  Be it, favorite waters or fly rods, the list can become large.  That being said, I have become drawn to 2 specific fish. Both are from different ends of the fly fishing spectrum, but are equals in my book.  The first is a "buttered-up" brown trout.  Any size will do.  The 2nd is a spawning mature male bluegill. The latter of which are fascinating to me.  

Found in quiet places like the one pictured above, you will often visit them and never even see but a few fly fishermen sharing the water.  Likewise, you will seldom see them caught by anybody but fly fishermen.

There are few fish that attain the coloring of a male bluegill in spawning attire.  From bright blue to teal, bright reds and purples and endless variations of copper and olives.  They are individual pieces of art.

Once they reach an inch across the shoulders and near 10" in length, they become a different fish. 

Even the way they rise to a fly is individual in nature.  Some will rise with the tell-tale panfish "Glick", which leaves nothing but a small bubble on the surface of the water. 

Others will roll on your fly resembling a 3lb largemouth bass, while some will slam your fly like a 15lb bluefish hitting a surface popper in the surf.  

All however,  have one thing in common.....once you lift your rod, they all fight like they are 2 pounds heavier, leaving you to second-guess what is on the end of your line until they begin their tell-tale 90 degree arching runs. 

Each season I marvel at them.  Each season I can't wait for the 3 week period to arrive.  The big bulls are not always easy to locate even during the spawn, and even harder to find after. They are to me, one of the prettiest fish found anywhere and fight beyond their size.  I am often left wondering why they are practically shunned by fly fishermen. Sadly associated with the edge dwelling dinks which are the target of beginning fishermen.  Many fly fishermen dismiss them and never even see what a mature bluegill looks like when brought to hand.

Give it a try....but be carefull.  

When a Summer Bull like this completely engulfs a #2 Gurgling Wog?  You may find yourself eyeing up those hazy, humid summer evenings a tad bit differently in the future.  

Your grass may never get cut.  

Friday, June 26, 2020

1st Day Of Summer 2020

1st day of Summer in the tube

Saturday morning in the Cumberland. wind was gone, water was glass and not a soul to be seen.

Bass were plentiful, but not huge.  Get your bug even close however, and the takes were aggressive.

The Gills were looking "up", with very few small fish hooked at all.  Flies of the day were the X-Gurgler with barred-yellow legs and standard light version of the Foam-Butt Caddis.

The bulls are nicely colored-up, with the larger fish all coming on the FBC.

A nice way to ring in the summer, as the heat climbs on the local trout waters.