Friday, June 26, 2020

1st Day Of Summer 2020

1st day of Summer in the tube

Saturday morning in the Cumberland. wind was gone, water was glass and not a soul to be seen.

Bass were plentiful, but not huge.  Get your bug even close however, and the takes were aggressive.

The Gills were looking "up", with very few small fish hooked at all.  Flies of the day were the X-Gurgler with barred-yellow legs and standard light version of the Foam-Butt Caddis.

The bulls are nicely colored-up, with the larger fish all coming on the FBC.

A nice way to ring in the summer, as the heat climbs on the local trout waters.


  1. Ralph
    Beautiful colors on those bluegills; just wonder if the spawn is over there for the bluegills? You have the perfect craft to fish in ponds and small lakes. What weight fly rod was you using? Thanks for sharing

  2. Bill, thanks for the visit. I do love the tube for small water for sure. I think the spawn is peaking right now actually. I'm fishing the CGR glass 7/8 with a 7wt line.

  3. Ralph, very nice - congrats.
    I had the same experience on Sat morn. Flat calm conditions with the bass and bluegills looking up all morning. Same as you , I was in the float tube throwing the flyrod and bugs. Kindred spirts. Isnt the slow relaxing pace of fishing from the float tube, throwing a bug against the pads just the best part of summer? Well certainly one of the best parts. Tight Lines my friend.

  4. I agree Sir. And it always leaves me scratching my head, why I am usualy the only fly fisherman on the water? Thankful for the solitude...but amazed.