Sunday, June 25, 2017

An Evening in the Tube

The Cane & Silk & The Gill of the Night

Spent the evening in my waterborne recliner.  Lost track of fish. as can often happen with Bluegill.  Only two 1 1/2lb bass on the night. They were on and feeding on top enough to make me look good despite sloppy casting. 

Few Fish along the  edges, with most fish coming from deeper water lily pad clusters. 

Most productive flies were the Gurgling Frog early, and switching to a light Foam Butt Caddis as the light dropped off.

I'll take it.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Father's Day Fish

The Father's Day Fish

With a 2 hour window at the end of an otherwise great day, I was able to make a run for water. 

Only one fish on the day....but a memorable one for sure.

Hooked the fish in full daylight

The Cane and Silk 7 1/2' 5wt fought well.

After fishing through my entire box, the only fish on the day took a McFlyfoam Egg (Apricot / Steelhead Orange dot)

I need a bigger net

A 26" Hen

Light was nearly gone when it finally came to hand

The last Gift of the day?....sharing the moment!

Pics courtesy of my youngest daughter Becka.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Glass That's Always Half Full

An Old Friend

Lamiglass 7' 3wt With Ross Colorado "0"

This morning I had the opportunity to fish with an old friend. This little 3wt glass rod is the first and only rod build I have accomplished over the years. I believe it was built in 1995, and had it's faults. Sloppy wrapping, and a poorly glued cork that eventually began to squeak near the reel seat. I had nearly given up on the rod as a learning experience, when a good friend of mine "BassBug" offered to rebuild and fix my earlier errors. The result is the rod in the title pic.  Along the way I also sold the little Ross Colorado "0" with a custom Winston 3wt rod I had built. 

However, this past winter I was offered the opportunity to regain that reel, which was welcomed home.  The old friend was put back together.

The original Lamiglass build on it's first journey to water. The first fish caught was a native Cutthroat from the coastal waters of the Clearwater River on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

On today's trip to the "Tully" (Tulpehocken Creek in Central Pa) the fishing was tough. Low water sight fishing with fish rising and actively feeding. Just not on anything I had. Typical Tully. I was still able to salvage 2 fish on the day though. The first was a brown that took a #16  Sulfur LTD.


The 2nd fish was a Rainbow, that took a #16 BWO  Nymph under an indicator. 

The BWO Nymph

The highlight of the morning either way was playing both fish and spending time on the water with a good friend....the Lamiglass rod. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tying The Pond Leech

Pond Leech

The Pond Leech is tied like all Mohair/Marabou leeches, with the only distinction being it is the most effective color combination I have found for still-water.  Over the years it has replaced the wooly-buggers and other leech patterns in my pond boxes almost completely.

Pond Leech Recipe

Hook:  #6 - #4 3XLong Streamer Hook 
Thread:  Black
Bead:  Black Tungsten
Under-body:  .015 Lead substitute wire
Tail:  Marabou Black/Purple/Black
Abdomen:  Mohair Yarn Purple/Black

Monday, June 5, 2017

Bulls on Top

The Bulls were looking up!

After a few days of cool weather and rain, I knew the bass would be "iffy" and the water would be a bit cloudy. 

I was right. 


In the clear water along the edges the big bull gills were on the hunt. Caught one hen of decent size on the night. The rest were all bulls.  Only a dozen or so fish over the course of 3 hours. But aside from that one hen, they were all big, bright and ready to slam a Wog.