Thursday, June 1, 2023

Moon Lake State Park

 Moon Lake State Park

With a cool calm morning yesterday I figured it would be a good maiden run of the new kayak.  I was told that Moon Lake had a good lily pad end, so I was hoping for some warm-water action.

The report was correct and the pads are where I pointed the Pelican towards.  Since it was my first time out with a purpose on the kayak I figured this would be a morning with its share of frustration. Managing the paddle, fly rod and anchor, getting in position to cast was full of a few tangles and cursing.  But I eventually started to settle into a rhythm of sorts. It's definitely not as comfortable as my Cumberland float tube. 

It wasn't too long before fish came to hand.  3 Bass on the day, a few bluegills and one nice crappie.  Had a few pickerel rushes that I pulled the fly away on in excitement. And missed quite a few hook sets while fussing with the new line management on the deck of the kayak.

 In review of the kayak.  it functions perfectly and as hoped for.  The tube is far more manageable with a fly rod.  And more comfortable. But for covering distance, the kayak wins hands-down.

7.5" wingspan

As an addition, I was lucky enough to come across a Cecropia Giant Silkworm Moth. An uncommon and beautiful specimen as well.

See you on the water


  1. Hey Ralph, good to read your terrific report, congrats. I too spend a lot of tie in my yak. congrats.
    Please take a look at your private messages on Fibreglass Flyrodders. I just sent you a PM

  2. Ralph
    The trip is a success whenever you can land a mixed bag of bass, bluegill, and crappie. I fished from a canoe before with the fly rod, and one big problem was keeping the canoe in position for me to make a decent cast. The slightest twitch with the paddle had it moving, not to mention a slight breeze. With the kayak, it would be easier to manage because of its weight. ---thanks for sharing