Saturday, August 5, 2023

Home Waters in August

A little August time

A chance to get a little evening time in August as waters drop after a bit of rain. Getting a house ready to sell and moving 2 homes has been an exciting but taxing time.  But the end result is well worth it.

A couple of Browns and a smallish rainbow came to hand for the evening. Just a little wet wading and nymphing to close out the evening.

No real identifiable hatches on the night. But recent rains had temps bouncing, so no surprise.

A perfect way to close out an evening and ring in August.  

See you on the water!



  1. Ralph, good to see you taking a little time to yourself and reminding the fish that fishing it right of the passage of August.

  2. Ralph
    What a way to spend the late evering hours, nice trout landed---by the way are you selling your house near the trout stream? Thanks for sharing