Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tubing Glenloch Lilies

Tubing Glenloch Lilies

After a couple days of oppressive heat, the temps dropped to a comfortable 90 degrees with a breeze. With a chance to drop the tube in for the last hour and a half of daylight, on went the fins. 

With a lot of smaller stuff thrown in, the Gurgler proved able to bring the largest of the gills to the top. 

The night was owned by the Black Gurgler, and the fly that started the night....ended the night. 

The Gurgler 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tying the Little Gill Streamer

Little Gill Streamer

The Little Gill Streamer is simply a variation of a well-established technique in tying hair bodied streamers. For this variation I use Superhair and target Bluegill Fry.  I have the most success with this pattern on bass in open water. Particularly when there is a large channel between lily pad pods. Fished on a floating line and standard mono leader, this fly is very effective when stripped just below the surface in varied rhythm, giving the streamer a struggling appearance.  

Little Gill Streamer Recipe

Hook:  #4 Stinger
Thread:  Black
Weed Guard:  25# Seaguar Flourocarbon
Body:  Olive / Blue SuperHair
Head:  Bug Bond
Coloration:  Black / Red marker

Thursday, July 21, 2016

It Was a Froggy Night

Really?....A #2 Foam Gurgler? is with mixed emotions that I show you this Gill. Although it is one of the biggest of the year for me. But the cast before this, I was in the process of lipping a "Scouts Honest" 5 pounder, and it kicked off just as my thumb touched it. A heckuva a fight nonetheless, and a heavy fish on the 7wt glass....but in the end, the fish was the victor.

Now, back to the Gill. I caught several 1 - to - 1 1/2lb largemouth over the course of the evening. All on the Gurglin Frog. But after this Gill....they just didn't seem worthy of a pic. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A New Fly Fisher

A new Fly Fisher in the family

With an Orvis 101 course under her belt, and an anxious oldest was finally able to get on her first fly water. It was her first chance as well to christen her Mary Marbury 6wt Suprefine. She did both in fine fashion in the same place that most of us began...bluegill water. 

1st FISH!!!!

And the story begins

After a short period of getting accustomed to the tube for the first time, casting sitting down for the first time & setting the hook on a fish for the first time with a fly rod...Things clicked.

In no time she was wandering off to catch her own fish.

Even Dad caught one. 

And after catching trout in the Northwest and Alaska, and surf fishing the East Coast with spinning gear.....a New Flyfisher is added to the family. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Old Glass New Groove

The Profile 800 8' 7wt found its groove

After having the Profile rebuilt, I had been struggling to find the perfect match that would make this rod feel perfect in the hand. It felt way to tip heavy for me, and just didn't seem to throw a nice loop without a little "help". As a result, it would tear up my wrist and shoulder after a days fishing. That all changed last night with a short evening trip to the pond in the 94 degree heat. I had decided to bump my CGR 7/8 up to an 8wt bass line to help with larger bugs. It throws a 7wt line perfectly, but I don't have an 8wt rod otherwise. SO, I picked up a new Orvis Hydros Bass taper and took it out during the week.  I was disappointed to find out that the CGR struggled with the 8wt bass taper, and even more disappointed that I had seemingly wasted money on a line I really didn't have a rod for. Then yesterday, I decided to spool the line on an Orvis/Martin 67SS reel and see just how the Profile handled it?  The result?.....a rod came to life. The 7wt with the heavier Martin fell right into the hand, and threw that 8wt line clear into the running line like it was nothing. It was shooting line straight as an arrow 10-15 feet into the orange running line with a #2 hairbug.  I was pleasantly surprised since it actually feels at first like a very soft 7wt.  

1st fish on the new line, took a #4 FBC.

The Foam Butt Caddis....or the "Big Butt Caddis" as I refer to the mutant warmwater version...stole the day.  The fish were looking up, but not for anything of size. 

They were thick and aggressive though, with at least a slash or slap on most every cast. Which was made even more fun on the glass smooth water. 

Just a perfect night for fishing on top. 

The largest Gill of the evening

While the bass were feeding as well, nothing of size seemed active. But the smallish fish were taking the fly willingly with explosive rises. 

About a dozen of these half-pound clones helped to make the night fun. 

But the night was really made for me most of all, by the Johnson Profile and 8wt line. The rod truly struggled with a 7wt line as marked. And the new line took it from a rod destined for the corner of my den, to a real joy to cast. 

See you on the water!