Sunday, September 11, 2022

September Rain


As summer would have it, August and the first week of September gave us some of the lowest water we have had in awhile.  Levels were easily 1/4th what is shown in the above photo.

But thanks to the rain gods, we now have normal flows restored.  And after a few days of muddy water, things have cleared up nicely.

Since clearing up, the fly of choice has been a #14 Squirrels Nest.  Prior to that the off-color water was kind to the Golden Retriever and Apricot Egg.  

Tying the Squirrels Nest

This fat 18" bow closed out last night as the largest of a 1/2 dozen or so fish.  

Thankful for the rain. 

 See you on the water.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Topwater Trifecta


An evening's walk around a pond offers up a Topwater Trifecta.

 With bass raiding beds and gills chasing anything that gets close.

Add to that crappie rising for damselflys in the lily pads and you can have a pretty special evening.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

4th of July Brown


20" Brown

No fireworks or crowds, just a quiet hand release while swallows swooped in chasing Sulfurs as the sun went down.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

A Bamboo Morning

 This morning felt like a good time to dust off the PHY Perfectionist. With gin-clear water and hardly a breeze, A 4wt bamboo presentation seemed appropriate.

Dave Cottengim, Lulbegrud Creek Fly Rods (Builder)

With the low and clear water, fish were skittish. But eventually the creek gave up a few.  

I large brown on top took a Sulfur LTD, then broke me off after an impressive fight.  A nod of the cap to him.

The Sulfur LTD

And this fat 16" brown  finally came to hand, taking an RP Starling fished wet.

The RP Starling

All-N-All, a great morning on the water with the bamboo.

Big Bow of June


Big Bow of June

24" Rainbow

Orvis Far-&-Fine

June gave up some great fishing with nearly perfect water. Memorial day break brought this  Bow to hand.  

Thursday, June 9, 2022

June Poppers

Summer temps bring on top-water action 

On both large and small warmwater haunts, summer signals popper time.  Nearly all species on a given water will start aggressively hunting the lilies, shorelines and shallows. 

Deer hair bugs and foam Wogs can provide exciting takes and great action.

Bluegill will take poppers they aren't even capable of swallowing

Tying the Firecracker 

Tubes and kayaks in the lily pads provide the perfect situation for dropping poppers in those tiny pockets

Top water fishing is such a visual method of fly fishing, which absorbs your focus.  

Tying the Gurgling Frog

Walking the banks of smaller ponds and catch basins can bring nice fish to hand

Scenes such as this...water glass calm...become violent acts of nature when bass begin to look up

Dust off the bass rod and grab a handful of poppers.  

See you on the water!