Wednesday, April 12, 2023



My Grand-Daughter Lillian's Easter artwork captures the hatch of the day.  I'm thinking a Green Weenie and Wooly-Worm should match it adequately. :)

While only 2 of my daughters were on hand this year, along with their fiances and the Grandson, we were able to have a very enjoyable holiday.

The Grandson with Pop Pop, watching the Hatches

We did get some fishing in. A beautiful rainbow on a clown egg rig Sunday morning, while under the direct supervision of Brook

Benjamin and Aunt Becky on their first meeting

A fat Bow on the Little Crappie Fly 

It's still unclear who stole the first scoop of the apple-crisp?

Brook probably knows the guilty party, but she's sworn to secrecy.

All-n-All, a Great holiday.  Family and a little fishing.  Hoping to have the whole crew for 2024.

See you on the water! 


  1. Ralph
    Oh how I relate to this post. As we get older family is so important. Grandchildren are so special!
    Landing a super size trout on a jig---was it landed using a fly rod or spincast?
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Bill, the 1st rainbow was with a spinning rod and egg rig. The Last was mine, on the fly.