Wednesday, March 15, 2023

St Croix MOJO BASS 7wt Flyrod 1-year Review


St Croix MOJO BASS 7wt 1 Year Review

I picked up the Mojo Bass fly rod during Covid2 winters ago, mostly out of curiosity after seeing the commercials.  It looked like it could be a decent backup to my current glass rod I favor for my tube.  The surprise was, I am still fishing it a year later.

 While 80% of my warmwater fishing is from a float tube, I was concerned that maybe the shorter 7'11" length would be an issue.  It was not.  This rod proved to be one of the easiest to cast that I own. And I own a few. Even with lily pads in the backcast.  The length did not hamper elevation at all.

From #8 thru #4 foam Wogs

To average-sized #4 thru #2 Deer hair poppers, this rod handled them flawlessly.

It was able to load easily for short pick-up-and-drop shots to tiny holes among lily pads

And with a single back-cast, able to toss bassbugs accurately at a distance on open water.

Yet it still had the finesse for pond-hopping after crappie 

The Mojo Bass turned out to be everything the commercials and St Croix videos said it was. And then some. An oddity these days in marketing.  I found no flaws in the build out-of-the-box, and a year of hard use later the only thing that is not like-new is the floatant and algae-stained cork. The finish is extremely durable, the guides are still tight and the cork has no gaps, voids or cracking. The 7wt proved not to be finicky with lines either. It threw a Bass Pro Shop BASS taper, an Orvis Warmwater and an SA Bassbug line, all WF7F equally as well.  The rod balances well in hand, is extremely accurate and very durable. It has the backbone to horse largemouths out of algae mats, yet it is soft enough to still put a nice bend on a fat bluegill. Add to that, if you pick up the rod, look it over and fish it, you would not place the price-point where it is. A great value.

It has become my go-to rod


  1. Ralph
    I discovered the comment problem was on my end-- -I got the link fixed, and it works now---- by the way, do you fish streamers much for the largemouth? I am going to do more streamer fishing this season once the top action slows---good luck

  2. Good deal! glad its fixed and I appreciate the visit. I do fish streamers occasionally, but mostly in early spring. Not to say they won't do well throughout the year though. I just prefer topwater. :)

  3. Ralph, congrats on the new rod. Good luck with it. Great to see you posting again.