Tuesday, January 16, 2018

2018 Winterfest

2018 Winter Opener

This year's opener was a record setting one for the group. The morning started out at 6 degrees, with a layer of 1" clear slush in the waters surface. Add keeping a watchful eye out for passing shelf ice and you could call it cold and a little sketchy. But....the option was "not fishing", therefore we donned our gear and got in the water.

Len, warming fingers

Re-rigging takes on a whole new life when you can't feel your fingers.

Doug had the 1st hookup, but it ended with a break-off, as did our first 3 hoop-ups of the day. Could have been too much pressure, or ice. Either way, we were not doing well to the net.

About mid-morning I finally convinced another fish to pick up my #6 Coyote Ugly...and the fight was on. Heavy fish.

Tying The Coyote Ugly 

Problem was....my reel was frozen solid, and I only had about 30ft of line out that I would manage the fish with. I was essentially fishing with an 8'3" 6wt Tenkara rod. 

Thank goodness for a little room to run (or as close to running an old fat guy wearing waders in 9 degree weather can get anyway), and the net work of Len....we landed her. 

The ice gave up an estimated 28" hen. 

It was a quick recovery and even after a lengthy fight, she was impatient to get back and shot away with strength. 

The only fish landed on the trip, but a great weekend overall, and we will take it.  Along with the still recovering fingers and toes. 

Good friends and good water. 


Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 On The Water

2017 On the Water

Looking back on 2017, there are times, places and fish that stand out above all the rest. 

The year marked the culmination of a 3 year long project to putt together "Summer Bugs". A project that falls close to home.

It began on the water with the scream of a single-action reel 

To share some great time with friends

And the chance to be present while good friends had great days as well

The Spring opener opener was highlighted netting a beautiful fish for another good friend 

And a gift of Gold

2017 was a little bit of everything Warm water, both stalking local banks and kicking through lily pads in the tube. 

It included a wonderful Fathers Day gift shared with my daughter

And ended with a chance to share the water with another

as well as share her first trout on a fly rod.

All-in-all, it was a year that not only brought some great moments, but it was the type of year that keeps a person looking forward to more opportunities to share future time on the water. 

Welcome 2018!