Tuesday, August 20, 2019

August Heat and Frogs

Gurgling Frogs and Bass

A couple of hours to troll the banks in the August heat, seemed like the right time to tie on a frog.  One Gurgling Frog carried the night for a half dozen top-water crashing bass. 

Monday, August 12, 2019

A Day on the Water

Colored Up & Full Kype

Saturday was spent on the water & the fish cooperated dawn-to-dusk.

Most fish were taken on nymphs.  Three fish came up for a caddis dry, but honestly focused on nymphs for most of the day.

 The Rainbow above was on a #18 Ruby Midge, as did 6-8 others.  

The Ruby Midge 

The RP Starling wet took fish throughout the day, yet oddly they were all browns?

The RP Starling

The "Ralph's Little Pine" accounted for a couple during the heat of the day.

Ralph's Little Pine

The largest fish of the day was a 22" bow with a broom for a tail and huge kype.  A long fight and being alone precluded a pic but it ended the day in good fashion.  He took the "Little Crappie Fly" under an indicator.  

Little Crappie Fly

Fish took everything from dry flies, to wets, streamers and nymphs. A great day on water with not a soul in sight. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Blues & Kings In The Surf

Blues & Kings In The Surf

I fly fish 95% of my time on the water.  But in the surf, its all about casting the big rods.  

This year found the Bluefish and Kings plentiful.  Cocktail blues are fillets waiting to happen.  They were all over cut bunker.

Kingfish are quite possibly the best eating of all.  Bloodworm Fishbites were the ticket.

But the excitement of the trip was a 40+ inch span 50-60lb Cow-nosed Ray.  A 30 minute fight on an 8' medium action rod and 20lb line. The ray would be assisted back into the wash and I would be assisted towards a chair and a beer. 

No flies were harmed during this fishing trip.