Monday, April 12, 2021




Home Waters

The Pennsylvania trout opener finally arrived and it brought mild weather along with it.  We were graced with clear water throughout the weekend, and aside from early Saturday morning it was nice fishing while being able to feel my fingers.

The Cup says it all

Bacon and eggs keeps you warm in waders

A clear, sunny 41 degrees was the morning greeting.  Started out with a classic Steak-and-Eggs rig, a Coyote Ugly and Apricot McFly Foam egg. The first cast brought a hookup on the egg.

She took the egg, and was the only fish to take an egg the rest of the weekend.

The Coyote Ugly

Apricot Egg

As the day warmed up, so did the fishing.  With a number of fat bow's coming to the net.

The fly for most of the weekend was the Squirrels Nest Drake, until I lost the last of the four I had. 

Squirrels Nest Drake

The largest fish of opening day was a 26" hen.  A great battle that was the last fish of the day as well.  Sadly, try as I may I could not revive her.  So she was both an addition to my dinner and several meals in the freezer.  


Add a little splash of color with a bright male for the full Easter weekend affect.

A few fish came to a #14 C2C Nymph

While others came to a BWO Nymph

All-in-all a great opening weekend.

See you on the water!

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Isolated Behind Glass


Isolated Behind Glass

"The year of the CGR"

This past season has been an interesting one for sure.  With isolation beginning early last year just about this time, I was able to get up to trout waters only once before NJ shut everything down.  And then once more in November to wrap things up.  Three or four trout for the season was all I had a chance to bring to hand.  

That being said, it became the year of the CGR.  Particularly the 7/8wt rod which has been with me for its 7th season now, and firmly holds the number one slot in my warm-water quiver.

The original setup with a Martin and a well-worn Orvis Warmwater line.              (The Martin is still pulling duty on the CGR 5/6)

After 6 seasons the CGR was upgraded  to pair with an Orvis Clearwater reel and a new Hydros WF7F Bass line.   Try as I may each year I research bass rigs to replace it, yet in the end its what I find in my hand.  It has become a good friend from the float tube as well as while stalking local ponds, becoming an extension of my hand. 

First fish of last year with the CGR.  The spring brought quite a few Hammer-Handles to the tube. Little did I know at the time I would fish the same rod throughout the rest of the year.

The spawn was good to us this year.  Thankfully so, since it was all we had offered close to home.  But the Bulls cooperated with us and willingly chewed up quite a few bugs.

Summer Bugs were what kept me busy at the bench

Bass kept looking up late into the summer as well.  As if they knew we all needed them.

But the year as a whole belonged the the CGR 7/8.  I can't find fault in the rod after all these years.  Aside from not being a wind-busting rig, or not up to throwing huge  bunny flies or near saltwater sized streamers for bucket-mouths it truly does lack in very little. Not a loose wrap or cracked piece of cork to be found after 7yrs of hard service.

I did nearly buy a shiny new replacement last week for $69.  But I  felt disloyal to a good friend and couldn't do it.  I would surely miss the floatant-stained cork of a good friend.

The Cabelas CGR 7/8


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