Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Livingston Glass 8' 6wt REVIEW

Livingston Glass 8' 6wt Review 

With a couple months past since receipt of this rod, I was anxious to get it on the  water.  The result?....I was not let down.

 The water was mid-flow and allowed a perfect chance to test things on longer casts with nymph rigs. The reason I had targeted the rod all along. 

When I spoke with Dusty at Livingston Rods I was appreciative to speak with a friendly voice willing to talk fly rods.  Specifically glass fly rods.  We tweaked the standard build 8' 6wt, adding a slim full wells grip to support fishing heavy winter rigs and larger fish.  I also stayed with the natural glass blank and chestnut wraps since that was the look I was originally attracted to when deciding on Livingston.

 I spooled a Cortland Retro II reel with an SA Frequency Boost WF5F line, thinking the additional 1/2 weight in the taper would suit the 6wt.  On the terminal end I went with a furled Furl Girl 5/6wt 5' mono leader with micro swivel, and 48" of 5X FlouroFlex tippet.  Fly was a #16 beadhead REC Caddis Emerger with necessary split-shot and cork indicator. 

What I found was an enjoyable rod in hand.  It shoots line like a cannon, yet loads quickly for short casts.  It roll casts a nymph rig with ease, quite possibly being the best roll casting rig I have owned to date. There is barely noticeable tip-weight when held, so common with 6wt and up glass rods, making it feel very balanced in hand.  Casting stroke is smooth with no bounce whatsoever, and unexpected power.

 I was able to bring a few fish to hand prior to a humidity storm that  pushed me off the water.  What I found was a rod that played the first 12" rainbow enjoyably, as well as handling a couple 18" browns with ease.

The rod build is impeccable.  Dusty does some beautiful work that surpasses many higher-end glass rods available in my opinion.  This rod is exactly what I was looking for.  A glass rod that will cover heavier trout work without being too big, but would also be a great smallmouth and light warm water rig. 



  1. Ralph
    Staying with the original color of the rod was a good choice. I've never used a glass fly rod but from reading your review I may give one a try.
    I assume when you mention a micro swivel you were referring to a barrel swivel, which I use on all my leaders now, to eliminate twists in the tippet section. I like the barred swivel better than the tippet ring. Congrats on the purchase and landing some quality trout---thank for sharing

  2. Bill, Thanks for the visit. Its been awhile. Life has been kickin' my arse lately.. LOL!

    Yes, I am referring to the micro barrel swivels. I too prefer them for the same reasons. Especially with indicator rigs and bass flies.

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