Monday, September 27, 2021

Livingston Glass 8' 6wt "Part Deux"


Livingston Glass "Part Deux"

After the initial time on the water, which was brief, I was able to get back on the water for a full afternoon with the new rod. The water was running a bit high from recent rains, but clear.  Crossing below the pool was a bit sketchy, but with a staff I was able to cross and get back dry.  

With the flow being up a bit heavier rig was needed to get down to the bottom, so the day would be even better to evaluate the rod.

The fish were hungry and willing to cooperate for the sake of the rod tests, which helped greatly towards my efforts.

The rod begs for distance, but loads quickly.  It handled the #14 Heavy bead-head, AB shot and 1/2" Corq indicator like it wasn't even there.

The day offered up 6-7 fish, with one nice 18" Bow, and a 20+ Brown that "released itself" in my attempt to net it. 

What I found was that my initial impressions were spot-on.  This rod will easily move to the top of my rods.  Casting very similar to my Far-and-Fine which is a personal favorite, yet it handles heavy nymph rigs better when needed.  It roll-casts like a dream and will throw a hopper just about as far as you want to.  All while protecting tippets and playing fish like only glass can.

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