Sunday, March 20, 2022

The Thaw of '22


The Thaw of '22

Spring of 2022 has arrived, and the first opportunity to get a tube on the water along with it. Another 1st was christening a new warmwater rod, a St Croix 7wt Mojo Bass Fly rod.  

Tying on a Foam Butt Caddis, the Gills were there in the shallows and looking up.  All larger fish, which told me they were pairing up on beds.

Foam Butt Caddis

The Bulls were beginning to show color, but not in full spawn yet. My guess is another week or so yet to go.  

The chance to get on water was welcome sign of spring.  And so far, I am very pleased with the Mojo Bass Fly rod as well.  It picks up off the water with ease and is a real cannon shooting line. Yet plays fish more like glass.  Looking forward to more time with it for certain.  

My best and see you on the water


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