Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Opening Week 2022


Opening week 2022 

Opening day began with normal early spring weather. On-and-off light rain and temps in the upper 50's, with fish not too sure if it's warm enough to feed yet and #16 Dun Caddis coming off with each break in the clouds. 

The fish came to hand, but not without pounding a lot of water.  Most came to the C2C Nymph, with a few willing to take the Little Crappie Fly and one taking the RP Starling.

RP Starling

Little Crappie Fly

C2C Nymph

Another spring, a few more days on the water with the Livingston Glass and another chance to stand in trout water bringing fish to hand.  

See you on the water.


  1. We're enjoying another snowstorm here today; the rivers & lakes are still frozen (April 7) so it's good to see some water and nice trout. I can picture casting to that rocky bank. Good post.

  2. Ralph
    Wow, some nice quaility trout taken ----was the area crowded with other fishermen? Thanks for sharing

  3. Bill, I think the questionable weather kept most away.