Monday, April 18, 2022

Easter Colors


"Easter Colors"

New Jersey Gills

With a chance to get on the water in the float tube Easter weekend, the gills did not disappoint.  

The fish were willing to look up and if pressed with accurate casts the bulls were aggressive enough to  move.

A couple dozen fish came to hand showing off a myriad of colors.

Few small fish with colors ranging from brilliant Oranges and Reds, to Silvers, pearls and bright blues.

It was a great few hours in the tube tossing the FBC with the Mojo Bass St Croix.

Hope everybody had a great Easter!


  1. Ralph
    You are talking my language, nothing like landing some colorful gills in early Spring. Did you know the water temp? I will be going tomorrow; I hope I can catch some as colorful as you landed. thanks for sharing

  2. Bill,

    I never took water temps. Still pretty cool here, with only sporadic days in the 70's here. It was 78deg air temp that day. Good luck on the water. Ralph