Monday, April 12, 2021




Home Waters

The Pennsylvania trout opener finally arrived and it brought mild weather along with it.  We were graced with clear water throughout the weekend, and aside from early Saturday morning it was nice fishing while being able to feel my fingers.

The Cup says it all

Bacon and eggs keeps you warm in waders

A clear, sunny 41 degrees was the morning greeting.  Started out with a classic Steak-and-Eggs rig, a Coyote Ugly and Apricot McFly Foam egg. The first cast brought a hookup on the egg.

She took the egg, and was the only fish to take an egg the rest of the weekend.

The Coyote Ugly

Apricot Egg

As the day warmed up, so did the fishing.  With a number of fat bow's coming to the net.

The fly for most of the weekend was the Squirrels Nest Drake, until I lost the last of the four I had. 

Squirrels Nest Drake

The largest fish of opening day was a 26" hen.  A great battle that was the last fish of the day as well.  Sadly, try as I may I could not revive her.  So she was both an addition to my dinner and several meals in the freezer.  


Add a little splash of color with a bright male for the full Easter weekend affect.

A few fish came to a #14 C2C Nymph

While others came to a BWO Nymph

All-in-all a great opening weekend.

See you on the water!


  1. Ralph
    Looks like you had a fantastic opening day, all quality trout for sure. By the way I like that coffee cup----thanks for sharing

  2. Bill, Thanks for the visit! Hope your time on the water is going well.

  3. Ralph, so good to see you post. Congrats on a super opener.
    Love that mug- classic. I retired because I did not feel worky anymore. Excellent opening day breakfast too. We did not have opening day due to Covid. Miss the "cholesterol attack" breakfasts held at so many spots on opening day.
    And, you brought out the "Far and Fine". Maybe the best of Orvis. Shame they stopped making those great rods. Times change but the fishing does not. Thanks for sharing and soon, the gills and largies will be playing. Tight Lines my friend.

  4. Hi John! Thx much and good to hear from you too. Yes'sir, there are a lot of traditions that are nice to hold on to. :) Looking forward to the bulls in the shallows as well. I agree on the Far and Fine. My favorite over all rod.