Thursday, March 30, 2023

Spring Flybox Refills

Refilling the Spring Boxes

With opening day coming fast, it was time to add the winters tying to the boxes, and finish any tying needed for the beginning of the season.  Restocking is a reminder as well, of that patterns earned their keep last season, and which patterns are simply squatters in your box.

Starting with the LTD. Bins were empty.  Had a few in BWO, but none in Sulfur or March Browns left at all.

  The Briar Creek bin was empty.  As were a number of wet flies.  Last year was a great year for swinging tandem wets.

Partridge and Yellow

 Partridge and Burgundy

Olive Woody

On the Streamer side of the house, both the Little Crappie Fly and the Guinness Trout were empty. With several others down to  a few ragged soldiers remaining.

 Little Crappie Fly

Guinness Trout

Mohair Leech

Olive Little Pine

Golden Retriever

The nymph box took a hit as well.  A number of patterns were dry.  And many were down to a few left from winter fishing.

Olive Emerger

Sexy Walts

Amber Perdigon

Black Perdigon

Rainbow Warrior

Tan Caddis

Most of all is caught up, with a few new patterns I want to try yet to be tied. A few days remaining. :)  The Blog should remain active moving forward, and still working on my tying video setup.  It should be soon.  

See you on the water!

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