Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Glass That's Always Half Full

An Old Friend

Lamiglass 7' 3wt With Ross Colorado "0"

This morning I had the opportunity to fish with an old friend. This little 3wt glass rod is the first and only rod build I have accomplished over the years. I believe it was built in 1995, and had it's faults. Sloppy wrapping, and a poorly glued cork that eventually began to squeak near the reel seat. I had nearly given up on the rod as a learning experience, when a good friend of mine "BassBug" offered to rebuild and fix my earlier errors. The result is the rod in the title pic.  Along the way I also sold the little Ross Colorado "0" with a custom Winston 3wt rod I had built. 

However, this past winter I was offered the opportunity to regain that reel, which was welcomed home.  The result....an old friend was put back together.

The original Lamiglass build on it's first journey to water. The first fish caught was a native Cutthroat from the coastal waters of the Clearwater River on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

On today's trip to the "Tully" (Tulpehocken Creek in Central Pa) the fishing was tough. Low water sight fishing with fish rising and actively feeding. Just not on anything I had. Typical Tully. I was still able to salvage 2 fish on the day though. The first was a brown that took a #16  Sulfur LTD.


The 2nd fish was a Rainbow, that took a #16 BWO  Nymph under an indicator. 

The BWO Nymph

The highlight of the morning either way was playing both fish and spending time on the water with a good friend....the Lamiglass rod. 

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