Sunday, May 31, 2020

Bass Reflections

Bass Reflections

Saturday night I was able to check a local pond with hopes of the Gills being lit up.  What I found, was after 3 hrs of having the entire pond to myself, not a single Gill rose to a fly.  The bass however, especially the 1/2 pounders, were attacking everything that moved.

Partial to a Blonde Foam-Butt Caddis, I lost count of how many fish attacked it.  

Foam-Butt Caddis

They were looking up for certain, with rises often coming almost the second the fly hit the water.

Not a lot of size, but the strikes were so dramatic they often had me laughing out loud.  An absolute blast on the water.  It was non-stop action, until a managed to break off my fly on a  lily pad flower only to realize it had gotten too dark to tie another one on.  

Pure fun!



  1. sweet.
    nice looking water- congrats.
    We made a switch yesterday and went to the shore and chased bluefish.

  2. I have been having some success with large elk hair caddis. The pond I fish has some good sized bass, but most of mine have been small. They do love that top water stuff.

  3. I'm surrounded by good bass water and I go after them often. Some are big, some not, but like you said, they're all fun. Keep at it!

  4. Al, thanks for stopping by. No sense in wasting good water. My best!