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Left-to-right Colors Numbered 1-through 6

The RFB History

Having fished with a standard “around the neck” lanyard for many years, I began to realize that it had become a cumbersome part of my fly fishing gear since leaving the vest and going to a chest/hip pack for most of my fishing. Adding a shoulder strap from my bag over waders, then layering a lanyard over that was becoming too much. Also, it wasn’t comfortable for me when fishing from a float tube. However, there really was no option out there that suited me. As a result, I continued on with a standard lanyard.

Then several years ago I developed Parkinsons disease and the situation became even more cumbersome due to shoulder and neck muscle involvement. Out of necessity I began looking at a design of my own. And after several prototypes over the past few seasons and with the acknowledgment of friends who had interest in another form of lanyard as well, I settled on a final design.

The result is the "RFB Lanyard".

  1. t clips comfortably to any wader, pack, belt loop, vest or float tube with ease.
  2. The top holds 3-4 tippet spools along with 3 additional clips to hold accouterments.
  3. It is hand knotted with stainless hardware, which along with the fact that it gets tighter with use, makes it extremely durable.
  4. It comes with an additional Floatant Carrier. A simple but effective method that does not slip and requires no adjustment for standard sized floatant bottles. It is removable.

Example:  Lanyard comes without added accessories shown.

Clip it on wherever works the best for you

Floatant Carrier

How to Order

Identify the color desired (1-thru-6) from the picture below, then send payment via Paypal to:

$20 Shipping & Handling Included

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