Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tying The LTD (Revised)

Long Transitional Dun  (LTD)

The LTD was originally tied about 15 years ago, and has remained the most productive pattern in my box ever since. It was published in FlyTyer Magazine several years ago, as well as in my book Tomorrow's Fish. It is a cross-over pattern, fishing exceptionally well through all stages of the hatch from the emergence on. I tie the LTD to match most all of the hatches I encounter from size #12 down, altering only the thorax, wing and hackle colors to accommodate. I have fished across Pennsylvania, from spring creek to the Big Pine with only success found. It has also been tied and  fished over the years for many others coast-to-coast with the same results. Hope it adds to your box.

LTD Sulfur Recipe

Hook: #14-18 Standard Dry
Thread: Olive Dun Uni-thread
Tail:  Pheasant Tail (5-6 fibers)
Abdomen:  Pheasant tail (Twisted in thread loop)
Wing:  Dun CDC fibers
Thorax: PMD Orvis Spectrablend
Hackle:  Medium Dun Neck Hackle (2 turns, “V” notched)

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