Saturday, January 19, 2019



Winterfest 2019 is in the books and a great time was had again. 

And the approaching storm was kind enough to offer up 2 days of mild weather before the hawk blew in. 

This years crew.

Good water, trout and great company.  

Add the balmy weather and its impossible to have anything but a good time. 

This year Jim not only caught the largest fish of the trip, But he smashed the previous years with this 36" hog.

And once again we were reminded....We are going to need a larger net. 

He then iced the cake with a beautiful brown buttered-up in winter colors.
Note the reminders of the past years flood damage.

The trip even gifted a trout in my direction.

1st trout of 2019!

Another year has begun, again kicked off by Winterfest.

My thanks to great friends, and welcome to another blog year.

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