Sunday, June 29, 2014

Yella Dog

                                I have very few streamer patterns in my box, simply because when one works I am prone to stick with it. A fact which often tends to limit space and opportunity. But last season a particular pattern made it in, for one very good worked. The Yella Dog is a simple pattern to tie, as far as Rangeley style patterns go.  But sometimes simplicity is the key. I've found over the years that color matters. And sometimes that color is yellow. It was those times that brought about this pattern.


Hook:  #10 Daiichi 2370 Dick Talleur 7X
Thread:  6/0 Black Uni-thread
Rib & Tag:  Medium Gold Tinsel
Throat:  Red Tippet
Underwing:  Red Bucktail under 4-5 Pheasant Tails fibers (Gold Dyed)
Wing:  Yellow-Dyed Badger Brahma
Shoulder: Yellow-dyed Indian Neck

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