Wednesday, July 2, 2014

JULY: Fly of The Month

Tying The Acorn

                   The Acorn is one of my favorite search patterns for pocket water, riffles and pretty much anything but slack or glassy water. Tied in #12-10 I have always felt that its taken in reflex wherever Drakes are prevalent. It floats extremely well and is very durable. Tied in #12 it has been fast becoming my March Brown pattern. However, I fish it most often in #10. A throwback to the Catskill Style patterns, this pattern has proven to me that they still catch fish quite well.

Acorn Recipe

Hook: #10-12 Mustad 94840

Thread: Rust 6/0 Uni-thread

Tail:  Moose Body Hair

Abdomen: Tying thread

Body Hackle:  #16 Silver Badger

Wing:  Furnace hackle Tips

Hackle: Brown

Thorax: Peacock Herl

Tie in thread and wrap back to the point even with the barb of the hook.
Tie in the moose body hair extended shank-length, then wrap down forward  firmly to the 1/3 point of the shank.
Tie in the badger hackle

Palmer the body hackle forward evenly and tie off.

Tie in your wings, divide evenly and secure with a small drop of head cement. Move the thread back to the abdomen

Tie in your hackle, followed by one peacock herl. Bring the thread forward to the position of the head.

Wrap an even Collar forward with the peacock herl.
Wrap the hackle forward, form a clean head and whip finish..

See You on the water!

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