Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Wings of Streamers

My choice of Streamer hooks for local waters, is the  Daiichi 2370 Talleur 7XL in #10

                                  Streamers hold a special place at my bench. They are different in so many ways. The creating of streamer wings alone is a step in fly tying that leaves you with a finished product, even though no thread has even touched a hook yet. I enjoy tying streamers almost as much as I love fishing them. And that's saying a lot. SO whenever the itch comes around, I begin looking forward to doing nothing more than building streamer wings.

I begin by pairing up and staging my wing hackles. Here you see 3 different sets of wing & shoulder hackles. Careful consideration for opposing sides of the hackle and matching feathers is taken.

Next step is to prep the hackles for gluing. Making sure to match both side and size.

Matched sets glued with Sally Hansen's Hard-as-Nails. First marrying the primary hackles and allowing them to dry, then attaching the shoulders.

The finished products Left-to-right,: Furnace Green, Yella Dog & Long Creek 

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