Friday, July 18, 2014

Poppers, Pads & Gills

A local Pond somewhere near Voorhees NJ

Tonight I had the pleasure of visiting a few local ponds that I knew nothing about. Located in the middle of rush-hour traffic and shopping plazas. These little gems were a pleasant surprise.  

My Starting point was wading along the weedy edge, casting a black deer hair popper.

My reward for my efforts was a few missed strikes, and this little bass that hit and fought bigger than he was. 

Switching to a Foam Butt Caddis, I eventually turned to one of my favorite pastimes. Hunting the lily pads for gills.

As usual, they couldn't resit the barred rubber legs of the FBC. 

My prize for the night? This fat copper-belly. It just doesn't get any better than poppers, pads and gills.

Walt hunting for the big boys. With a couple bass and a pike to his credit.

Many thanks to a generous friend who was willing to share a few local waters with this South Jersey transplant.  No better way to spend a mild summer night, than wading lily pads with a friend.

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