Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kresson Lake Poppers

Wading Kresson Lake

With rain inbound for the next few days, I decided to give a quick run to Kresson Lake tonight. Having not hit it at all this year until now, I really had nothing to go on. It's a lake with a fairly stable bottom with extensive shallows allowing you to wade the lily pads.

On the first cast a fat gill slammed a #6 deer hair popper. Its hungry eyes got the best of him however tonight.

The night was all about wading slow and picking the open spots.

Finally, after hooking and losing 2 previous bass to the lily pads, I was able to drag one through the underwater vegetation. 

Last light on the water. Things began to pick up.

With the last light on the water and night coming fast, the bass started chasing and looking up. The action was quick with several fish coming to hand. This one inhaled a Deer Hair Popper.

Switching to a #10 Blonde Foam Butt Caddis as the late light swirls began to look like bluegills in nature, My guess was right.  A half dozen fat gills chased down the FBC without hesitation. My last fish of the night was a beauty though, This gill measured 10" lip-to-tail.  After that, I snipped my fly and headed for the truck.

A great night, with the lake all to myself for the last 2 hours of daylight. 

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