Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CDC Little Sulphur Dun

The CDC Little Sulphur Dun

The "Ephemerella Dorethea Dorethea" hatch, or as we know it, the Little Sulphur hatch here in the Northeast is a hatch one must be able to cover on most waters. Aside from the Caddis hatches, it is the longest running mayfly show in town, and a remembered fly throughout most of the season. The Dorothea is the smallest of the Sulphurs most will encounter, and the predictable hatch timing makes this hatch a local favorite.

Little Sulphur Dun Recipe

Hook:  #16-20 Standard Dry
Thread:  8/0 Olive Dun Uni-thread
Tail: Medium Pardo CDL
Abdomen:  Sulphur Turkey Biot
Hackle:  Honey/Golden Badger
Wing: Medium Dun CDC

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