Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rebuilding Classic Glass (The Conclusion)

The New Profile

The project that began this past summer has come to a close. After fishing the Profile 800, 8' 7wt for most of the summer, it became apparent to me that while I liked the needed a few changes if I were to keep it as my primary bass rod. 

The original Profile

The breakdown begins

After much soul-searching the decision came down to a Buckeye Burl insert, in a Blued Garrison Style seat, Merlot/Black wraps and Black snakes and tip-top.

Bass-Bug really knocked it out of the park. 

As is true-to-form, my good friend and rod-builder always adds a surprise touch. Such as the Jungle Cock overlay which was perfectly added and the measurement bands as well.

Butt-to-tip, the rod which is the same age as I am at 52, has a new lease on life. Even the tube received a new label.

 Outfitted with a Cortland Retro II and Orvis Hydros WF7F Bass taper, it all came together.

Many thanks to Bass-Bug and his patience. 

See you on the water!

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