Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pheasant Tail Dubbing Blend

Ralph's Pheasant Tail Dubbing Blend

As Fly Tyers we all have our favorite materials, patterns and techniques. And while I love pheasant tail as a material in fly patterns, I've never grown a fondness for the Pheasant Tail classic pattern. Nothing against the pattern, it has proven itself over a period longer than I have walked his earth. But I lean towards dubbed bodies on nymphs. I like movement and trapped air. And I prefer a little flash. So the classic PT Nymph just never gained my confidence over the years. But be that as it may, the result has been to find a dubbing blend that I do have confidence in. One that has the color when wet that PT has, and the rest of the properties I'm looking for. Here is what I use. If it's for you, by all means give it a try.

This blend provides a soft, easy dubbing material, with just enough flash along with the translucency of the woodchuck.

The PT Dubbing Blend applied, both dry and wet.

The Blend. Two parts Beaver, 1 part Woodchuck Underfur, 1 part peacock ice-Dub and 1 part Olive Ice Dub. I use a coffee grinder to blend. 

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