Tuesday, July 9, 2019

MAXIMA #$!&^$!! Tippet!


I seldom ever post negative on products. However, after 7.......again 7 Wogs broke off pulling them loose from lily pads & two bass well over 3 lbs broke off......and all at the knot?

So'long Maxima

I am the furthest thing from a gear snob. I build all of my warmwater leaders with standard Stren mono. And nearly all of my warm and cold water tippet is Stren Flourocast line.  Swear by it. Landed more 20"+ trout on 4lb Flourocast to begin to doubt it.  But I ran out of both 8 & 10lb on my last outing and could not find replacements. So while at Basspro I figured I would try the Maxima Ultragreen.  Having had good luck years ago with Chameleon for steelhead out west, I figured it would fill in nicely. 

I was wrong.

Thinking maybe the 10# was a bad spool...I switched to the 8#.  Same results.  
One things for certain.....I know what I will be using this winter to tie up Xmas decorations.

My usual warm-water leader and tippet 

This one miraculously held the knot.  


  1. Ralph I can relate to your frustration with inferior tippet material.
    Lot's of trials on my end led me to choose Orvis Mirage. No failures.

  2. Alan, I like Orvis Mirage as well. Have some around here. Very dependable.

  3. Bummer with the leader material. Up here Maxima Chameleon is the go-to for musky, pike, and bass, tipped with wire or Seaguar fluoro -- I use it all time. I've never seen the ultragreen and don't believe I'll ever look for it. Thanks for the report, good fishing!

  4. Al, I agree on the Chameleon. Not certain why the knot strength is so poor on the UG?

    Thanks for stopping in.