Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Morning WOG Report

Morning WOG Report

This morning brought mid 80's with a light wind.  The wind was substantial enough to push all of the algae to one side of the pond, making one half fishable for top water flies, and the other half a mess. 

The Black WOG proved to be the bug of choice.

Oddly enough, only one gill came to hand.  It was as if the water was void of them.  

About a dozen bass in all, but most of them pounders. Three decent fish did choose to chase the WOG though.

All-n-All a good morning.


  1. Nice bass- the WOG rules. Cannot wait to fish the Wog again.

  2. They hammered it today for sure. :)

  3. wog report-
    hammered again this morning. Along with some nice bluegills, had a ball with what has to be the best bass/panfish bug ever created. The bass just absolutely crushed the bug. the takes were as violent as ever seen from a freshwater fish. I bet the wog would do a number on stripers and blues.
    the WOG rules.

  4. Well sounds like the results are remaining consistent. :)

    Thanks for the report!