Friday, August 15, 2014

AUGUST: Fly of the Month

Tying the RuffChuck

The RuffChuck is a mid-summers fly, perfect for smallmouth on pretty much any water, and a great choice when dredging those deep pools in search of trout in cooler waters. Originally tied to dead-drift underneath an indicator for trout, it does very well bounced along the bottom for nearly any species of fish you are targeting. My first choice is to drift this pattern under an indicator through pools. The natural swimming action of the materials in this fly through the current, can trigger some incredible strikes. 


Hook: #8 Mustad C67S
Thread: 3/0 Red Uni-thread
Eye: 1/16oz Dumbell
Tail: Ruffed Grouse Marabou
Body: Amber Ice-Dub
Wing: Woodchuck guard-hairs

1.      Begin with the hook placed in standard fashion and in vise. Start your thread and wind back to the point on the shank just above the barb.
1.      Bring the thread forward to a location two eye-lengths behind the eye. Tie in the eyes on the top of the shank, anchoring with figure-8 wraps and a drop of head cement.

1.      Sweep one Ruffed Grouse marabou feather and tie in just above the barb of the hook, extended approximately 1 ½ the length of the hook.

1.      Spin the Ice-bub and build a tapered body forward to a point just in front of the eyes. Place a half-hitch and reposition the fly upside down in the vise. (Note: this step can be skipped if you are tying on a rotary vise.)
1.      Clean and stack a section of Woodchuck hair, trim butts evenly, and tie in to the front of the eyes matching the tips with the marabou.

Build a tapered head, whip-finish and apply 2 coats of head cement.

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