Friday, December 19, 2014

Tying The BH Dredge

The BH Dredge

The question was raised pertaining to the Dredge pattern, as to whether or not I tied this pattern as a bead-head, and if so, could I post a video of the BH pattern as well. I had never tied the Dredge as a BH, mainly due to it's effectiveness as it was. However, recognizing how a tungsten BH Dredge could have a definite place in a box, I have tried to provide my adaptation of the BH Dredge. Having not fished this pattern, I will really on my future experiences and the reports from those who fish it as to it's effectiveness.

The BH Dredge Recipe

Hook:  #12 Orvis Beadhead
Bead:  Black Tungsten
Underbody: #20 lead Wire
Tail:  Black Pheasant tail
Abdomen:  Peacock Herl
Shellback:  Black Pheasant Tail
Rib: Medium Black Ultra-Wire
Thorax: Black Ice-Dub / Black Ostrich Herl
Wingcase:  Black Pheasant Tail
Legs:  Black Pheasant Tail

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