Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Bit More Glass....Conclusion

A Bit More Glass....Conclusion

After a full morning on the water and several fish caught with this little rig, I can say that I am thoroughly impressed. The rod handles the DT5 line with ease while retaining it's classic glass feel. The Cortland Retro II reel balanced perfectly as well. 

While it's not going to "throw" a heavy rig with indicator, it will "manage" it quite well if need be. Such was the case this past weekend. It handled both a #14 Beadhead and a weighted streamer with split-shot as well as any soft action 5wt will.

This rod is soft & feels like glass, but has some backbone as well, landing an 18" brown with ease while in decent current. Yet not so much that the 12" fish it brought to hand still felt like they should on glass. 

The action was felt through the entire cork. The reel seat, which is under scrutiny by many, held the reel as perfectly solid as any other rod in my stable. Built and dressed in a class well above it's price range, this rod is by far the best rod for under $100 I've ever bought. 

The Christening of the CGR

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