Saturday, May 14, 2016

Finning-up Gills

Finning-up Gills in the Tube

With a calm muggy morning and storms threatening this afternoon, I took the chance and hit a local lake with the tube and fins.

Ready to go. Rod of the day was the 7wt Profile. Problem is, I grabbed the wrong reel. So with only a WF4F Easy Mend line to make due with, I was restricted to  a Foam Butt Caddis. No way to cast a bassbug with a 4wt line. I made it work, but at the expense of my shoulder. 

The gills were hungry, and I took the chance to snap a few of the more colored-up males.

Turtles were out in force on all the platforms.

Bright and aggressive. But the single FBC that started the day, ended it as well.

The fatboy on the day

One of 3 bass on the day. All were tight to the edges raiding the bluegill beds.

An great morning on the water. With the only downside being my forgetfulness with the correct reel/line.

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