Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wading Lilies

Wading Lilies with the 7' 6" 6wt CGR

First outing on my favorite local lake, wading the evening lilies. Only a few smallish bass on the evening, but the Crappie were a nice surprise chasing bait fish through the shallows and the gills were fat. 

The fly of the day was the Foam Butt Caddis. However, the fish were particular. The gills were leaning more towards the blonde version.  While the crappie chased the original dun version.

Crappie number one the night.

They were cutting schools of bait fish between lily flats

The water as the evening winds began to calm

As usual, the gills were on point.

A little bit of spawning color

All-in-all a good night for the first real warm week of spring. A few more days like this and the bass will turn on as well. 

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