Friday, May 20, 2016

Drive By Fishing

A fat Gill that decided it was large enough to eat 

a #4 Mule Deer Diver

You know those times when you have passed a small local pond enough times that you just HAVE to stop, rig up and see what is hanging around under those lily pads?

Well.....this is just one of those times.

First cast was the bluegill above.

The bass weren't large....but they were hungry and plentiful.

When these fish decided to take, it was like watching a 20" pike attack your fly. They cut a wake from the lily pads to the bug. It usually only took one-or-two small twitches. A single Mule Deer Diver carried the day.

After a half dozen bass and a dozen fat gills, I was kicking myself for never taking the time to stop before this. I great surprise after years of glancing at it from the truck.

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