Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Morning on the Tully

Hitting the Tulpehocken with a Good Friend

With a few early morning hours available, I was able to get on the Tully for the first time this year with a good friend. The Tully can be a fickle witch at times....and this was one of those mornings. The water was low, the fish were there, and we brought one trout to hand.

I was able to hook 3 other fish,but I have a tendency to set the hook lighter when fishing boo. I need to get over that.   

But nevertheless, it was a great morning with a good fishing partner.

Not only can you see the fish, but you get up close and personal with their refusals as well.

The only fish brought to hand on the morning, aside from a few smallmouth dinks.

On leaving we spoke with a gentleman ho had enjoyed a somewhat more successful morning, informing us they were taking Frenchies. Huh?.....Frenchies?  Imagine that! I have Frenchies!

Fishing most of what was in my nymph box through the morning....surely I had tried a Frenchie?  You would think?

However...I was wrong. Since all of the Frenchies at the front of my forceps seem to have remained untouched.  Really? 

Oh well, I guess they were tied just to look good in the corner of my box?  &^%$#!!

Next time...we will fish Frenchies. And next time they will surely be taking little green caddis larva. 

Good luck on the water!

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