Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pond Bass

When time is of the essence and a decision is needed "right now", a pond will seldom let you down.  And sometimes....it will treat you to a damned fine day on the water. 

Pointing the FJ towards the closest walk-around pond I could think of, it was mere minutes before I was bringing the Bridgestones to a stop in the gravel parking lot. Grabbing my warm-water bag that stays in the back of the truck all summer long, I tied on a #4 Foam Butt Caddis and began my short walk to the most algae free end of the pond.

WIth a full gear bag I was ready for anything, but realized it would likely come down to a single fly event. I assumed correctly. The 3rd cast brought a fat little pounder to hand.  A typical pond bass in the area. 

30 minutes later and more than a half-dozen of his clones lipped, my fly was missing a leg and beginning to spin like a whip finish tool.  

It was time to go. Nearly every opening I was able to land my fly in cleanly, gave up a chunky fish. A fact the CGR was more than willing to join in with. 

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